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Maybe it’ll never happen, but I keep waiting for someone to email me telling me “I see what you did there” regarding all the Easter Eggs I worked into my Zelda remix. I’ll write you a song…

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I can stop worrying about posting this before it makes it into Pause’s open compilation, because I guess it didn’t.  So now I can share it with the world…this is a track I’m very proud of.

Industrial-Grade Buzzsaw Blade

Also!  Nearly done with all the stuff for Tin Can Knight–this is going to be a very, very sweet game.

ALSO!  On Wednesday, March 24, I got to see Anamanaguchi live in concert at Messiah College in Grantham, PA!  I even hung out with the guys for a while.  They’re really nice dudes.  It was incredibly amazing and the whole thing was the most fun I’ve had in months.

EXTRA: Would that Dutch organization please stop trying to post spam?  Especially the comments from fake Russians?  I’m not Russian, and this site isn’t even in Russian. 
Look, mensen, I have your postal address from whois.  I will send you a letter!

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Finished my work on the project for the Series.  Current projects are a tune for Electrodreams’ Sonic the Hedgehog comp and some long-in-coming game tunes for the fantastic Tin Can Knight.

Also, I lost my job at Borders Express since the store closed!  Need a chiptuner?  Contact me!

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Welcome to!  I’m still tweaking a few things with the site design and content, but I suppose this place is officially open for business!

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