Hey guess what? I haven’t updated this website in a year! But I have been updating my Facebook and SoundCloud pages! Why not check those out?

Mad magic with classical music and classical systems is here now!



This is the site for all your 8-bit Game Boy and accordion needs! Well, maybe half of them.

Philadelphia, you shall be mine!!


Shoutout to the awesome folks who heard me play at the Crimson Frog tonight! You made me feel like my onstage non-antics (nontics?) were good for something after all.

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Music and Comics

There will be a new song on here soon, as well as…maybe…some comics?

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Maybe it’ll never happen, but I keep waiting for someone to email me telling me “I see what you did there” regarding all the Easter Eggs I worked into my Zelda remix. I’ll write you a song…

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Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to my site. I haven’t yet updated it to reflect the release of the OCRemix Threshold of a Dream project, but I’m aiming to today. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of my music!


Yes, I am the guy who was playing his Game Boy at SPACE.  Welcome!  Have a look around, listen to some songs, enjoy yourself.


The Series have launched a Facebook page.  You can go there to hear one of the songs I added some 8-bit goodness to for them: “I’d Go Back Again.”  I did work for several more songs for the Series, and sometime this year those songs are supposed to be released.  It will be very cool!

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I can stop worrying about posting this before it makes it into Pause’s open compilation, because I guess it didn’t.  So now I can share it with the world…this is a track I’m very proud of.

Industrial-Grade Buzzsaw Blade

Also!  Nearly done with all the stuff for Tin Can Knight–this is going to be a very, very sweet game.

ALSO!  On Wednesday, March 24, I got to see Anamanaguchi live in concert at Messiah College in Grantham, PA!  I even hung out with the guys for a while.  They’re really nice dudes.  It was incredibly amazing and the whole thing was the most fun I’ve had in months.

EXTRA: Would that Dutch organization please stop trying to post spam?  Especially the comments from fake Russians?  I’m not Russian, and this site isn’t even in Russian. 
Look, mensen, I have your postal address from whois.  I will send you a letter!

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